What to Look For in an Attorney Marketing Agency

When growing a legal practice, you and your partners should be focused on taking cases, representing clients, and honing your product. However, a law practice is a business that requires marketing just like any other type and that aspect needs to be addressed as well. Often, there won’t be a budget for in-house marketing or time to create strong systems internally – and that’s ok.

This is why we often recommend an attorney marketing agency to deliver you a complete funnel to provide ROI on your marketing. Going this route can take your business to new heights, reduce stress on you and your employees, and expose you to markets you wouldn’t have previously engaged. Read more to learn what traits make for a great legal marketing firm.

  • Digital Expertise
  • Brand-Forward
  • Analytics-Oriented
  • Client-Focused
  • Trustworthy and Easy to Work With

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Dave Thomas

David L. Thomas, MBA
SVP of Growth & Business Development | ΑΦΑ