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AAMIL strives to educate the motorcycle community by offering motorcyclists legal services and resources.

AAMIL is an association comprised of member law firms committed to ongoing education, outreach, and advocacy on behalf of the motorcycle riding community and public at large. As part of our mission to represent the interests of both motorcycle riders and our attorney members, AAMIL provides a forum to share ideas, learn from one another, and hear from experts from a full range of legal fields. We are committed to serving our members, their clients, and the general public with the highest level of customer service and legal expertise along with continuous community outreach, education, and charitable support.

Offering Motorcyclists

Legal Services And Resources

As an association, AAMIL also serves as both an educational and business resource to champion the rights of motorcycle riders and their loved ones. When a client is injured in a motorcycle accident and is in need of legal advice and representation, our members are committed to offering the highest level of expertise and support. Moreover, we are committed to educating riders and the public prior to an accident occurring. If we can help avoid an accident from occurring in the first place, minimize injuries should an accident occur, and educate riders on carrying adequate insurance coverage when a claim occurs, we feel that we are making a positive impact on the community.

We are able to carry out our mission in part through continuous legal education and training including AAMIL’s annual member educational summit, continuous webinars, and numerous online member resources. Some of these include a member portal with articles on insurance matters, offering access to field experts, and facilitating a list serve for members to consult with each other. Our webinars and annual member summit include topics such as motorcycle related practice management, client services, state-specific laws, insurance coverage/limits, medical care, and treatment protocols, field experts and resources, informative topics for riders, case intake conversion, marketing practices, and case acquisition processes.

AAMIL Annual Member Summit

Each year members are invited to attend our two day educational summit in Phoenix to network, learn from each other, and hear from experts in a host of fields.


Member Newsletter

Members receive a quarterly newsletter full of useful information and resources including industry trends, market research, success stories, informative articles, and practice related content.

Member Webinars

Members are invited to participate in a quarterly webinar session that covers topics that are designed to help them improve their practice and better serve their clients.

Both presentations and round table discussions take place on an array of subjects that are relevant to their various practice areas. Outside presenters, AAMIL staff, and firm members and their staff share ideas and facilitate meaningful dialogue.

Member List Serve

Members can post questions and information on a host of topics and subjects that their fellow members can respond to as well as provide useful feedback and resources.


Member White Papers/Articles

Members can submit and source industry periodicals, studies, publications, data, and other useful content that is managed by AAMIL and accessible for all members.


Member Expert Contact List

Members have access to a comprehensive and continuously updated list of legal industry experts with whom they can consult and hire when needed.


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  • Higher average attorney fees per case
  • No sharing of fees – you keep 100% of your attorney fees
  • Higher incidence of policy limit cases
  • Brand Equity – your license is an identifiable and transferable asset
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Professional team of marketing experts