The Best Attorney Marketing Tips for 2021

The Best Attorney Marketing Tips for 2021

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Making sure your law firm is visible and marketing towards the right audience is vital for growth and sustained practice. There are many ways to achieve a strong marketing funnel, and no law practice is unique. There are, however, best-practices that will work almost every time for the best attorney marketing strategies.

If your firm could use a marketing kick start in 2021, read below for our best tips on how to market legal services across multiple platforms and demographics.

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategies for your law firm will require some analysis of your physical location, digital brand, and what type of law you’re practicing. Playing to your strengths while supplementing your weaknesses is a proven way to grow your practice, so identifying these areas is crucial. Consider appraising these strategies for success:

  • SEO: SEO can take on a mystique among businesses and employees that are not well-practiced in it. People seem to know what it is by 2021, but not have a firm handle on how to succeed at it. In its essence, it is just a generic term – search engine optimization, but every business and location will have different parameters that matter to SEO success.  
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With over 53 percent of all web traffic coming from organic web searches and 87 percent of smartphone users using a search engine each day, it is critical to rank for the keywords that matter most to your practice. In fact, ranking first in a Google search carries between 33 and 35 percent click-through rates. Thus, you need to be acquainted with SEO best practices, learn keywords that are highly trafficked for your area and legal practice, and create evergreen content and quality sites to rank highly in them.

  • Online Presence: If SEO is the hook that gets clients interested in your services, your online presence is the way to reel them in. This means you need to have a good-looking, efficient website with accessible ways to contact you at the click of a button. 

Similarly, you need to have a brand that represents what your audience is looking for in a law firm. It is critical to curate several social media platforms to meet these expectations, both with the B2C platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but also B2B platforms such as Linkedin. The more thorough each of these profiles is, the more trust your audience will have in your brand and overall online presence.

  • Create Quality Content: In the battle for long-term ranking dominance, content is king. There are multiple layers of benefits to writing blogs, social media posts, and creating authoritative informational pieces within your field. To begin with, they contribute heavily to your site ranking well when links to them are placed appropriately. Similarly, your brand will be that of an expert or leader in your field. Finally, it gives you a good chance to appraise current best practices and marketing strategies as you write for the present day.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Reaching out to your clients by email is a great way to have a structured relationship that can give back time and again. When done properly, it will enhance your client experience – we have reached a point in marketing strategies where it is not considered intrusive to send list emails so long as they are topical and add potential value for repeat customers.
  • Keep it Local: Grassroots campaigns are still some of the most effective methods of creating repeat customers. The experience getting a referral from a friend in the area or seeing that a law firm supports a good cause will leave an extremely strong impression. If your team is active in the community and builds face-to-face relationships with people who are willing to invest their time and energy in supporting you, it will be immensely valuable.

Even something as simple as ‘thank you’ emails or reminders for upcoming meetings with current clients will make your law firm seem a cut above, and encourage referrals from those who benefited from your service. A great combination of strategies is to repurpose some of your content into informational emails from time to time; you can create a streamlined set of parameters for your team to market consistently like this.

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Tools to Utilize

Part of optimizing your law firm marketing strategy is using the best tools to make your life easier. These components range from local resources to website development practices. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Member Associations: Some of the best clients can come from referrals, and are not solely generated from online acquisition. Member associations allow you to connect with experts in your field who have experience in marketing themselves and partners over long periods of time. Similarly, being referred by a highly respected firm is proven to convert extremely well.
  2. Branding: This is both a strategy and a tool all-in-one. You can combine your online presence and grassroots efforts to leverage a brand that is welcoming and authoritative. This is often achieved by specializing your law firm – we’ve grown immensely due to our decision to brand ourselves as the leading authority on motorcycle accident injuries. Niche branding is amplified by condensing your true competitors within your SEO space.
  3. Google Analytics: Part of your SEO strategy needs to include the identification of keywords and strings that are being searched most. Additionally, you will want to see how your firm is ranking in these terms, and where you should focus your efforts to improve or pull back. There are rank trackers, keyword auditors, and a host of other fantastic tools you can use in Google Analytics.
  4. Buyer Personas: This is especially key for big-ticket niche clients in legal representation. You need to have a realistic idea of who will be searching for your services and ultimately using you. Consider how they will learn about you, what your contact-to-conversion funnel does to attract the most valuable clients, and how you can get them to re-use and refer your business over time.
  5. Marketing Flywheel: We have referenced marketing funnels, but the flywheel is taking prevalence over it in function. This is to say that you should be creating a system that uses customer acquisition momentum to create repeat business, referrals, and brand ambassadors. You can do this by having a brand that is pleasing and rewarding for your customers, and a team that helps perpetuate the value of your services.
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Ultimately, diligence in your efforts to improve your legal firm marketing strategies is going to be the best tool. That being said, using these specific implantations will take your strategy to new levels in 2021.

Create the Ultimate Marketing Strategy: Become a Law Tigers Partner

Law Tigers has built our practice using these best-fit marketing strategies, and have created rewarding partnerships with countless other legal firms along the way. We recognize that having strong mentors and allies is a great way to gain referrals, and we can succeed together in 2021.

If you are looking to strengthen your marketing strategies via partnership and laser-focus on the strategies that work best, please contact us today – we’d love to create a better future for both organizations.