What to Look For in an Attorney Marketing Agency

When growing a legal practice, you and your partners should be focused on taking cases, representing clients, and honing your product. However, a law practice is a business that requires marketing just like any other type and that aspect needs to be addressed as well. Often, there won’t be a budget for in-house marketing or time to create strong systems internally – and that’s ok. 

This is why we often recommend an attorney marketing agency to deliver you a complete funnel to provide ROI on your marketing. Going this route can take your business to new heights, reduce stress on you and your employees, and expose you to markets you wouldn’t have previously engaged. Read more to learn what traits make for a great legal marketing firm.

Look for these qualities in an attorney marketing agency

  1. Digital Expertise

This is a necessity – in 2021, over 50 percent of all legal leads come from digital marketing, and that number is climbing rapidly each year. A reputable law firm marketing service should be an expert across multiple digital marketing channels in order to get you the best ROAS (return on ad spend). Similarly, you should look for an agency that can help you with web development, SEO, landing page creation, and even automation for your entire marketing funnel. Don’t let your marketing agency tell you what to expect either- demand excellence to meet your needs, and shop around until they are met.

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  1. Brand-Forward

The best legal marketing companies understand that there is a balance between the back-end data and the human element of branding. Because legal practices are not selling products that can be bought on a whim (like clothes or food, for example), long-term trust and being the first company on someone’s mind when the time comes is imperative. A savvy law marketing agency will be able to have your brand tell a specific story in your niche. Law Tigers uses our authority on motorcycle riding and the community itself to portray a brand you can trust for all sorts of motorcycle information and advice. Ultimately, this leads clients to trust us as legal representation when they have an injury or accident case.

  1. Analytics-Oriented

Analytics is not solely for digital marketing, and your agency should be able to present data for every platform they use. If you are running grassroots campaigns, physical media, or advertising, they should have metrics to quantify their success. In terms of digital campaigns, a marketing firm for attorneys should have their cost-per-click metrics dialed in and be able to explain their evolutions in decision making. Legal leads and conversions are extremely competitive, and the difference in fractional percentage changes can be the difference between thousands of dollars. No matter what style of marketing agency and campaign you’re employing, there should always be data behind it.

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  1. Client-Focused

A pitfall in many marketing agencies is that they are too broad in the types of businesses they represent, and often don’t create accurate buyer personas. This is especially cogent for legal marketing firms, as developing niche markets can be one of the most successful ROI paths in the industry. Your agency should be able to tie your branding into the development of a campaign and audit how clients are responding to it. This is why we recommend going with a firm that has local ties to your area, emphasizes story-telling in their content (as opposed to solely focusing on SEO), and can create engaging opportunities for you and your partners. Authenticity goes a long way in a world that is becoming saturated with marketing at every turn, and the most valuable clients will be won by prioritizing their needs.

  1. Trustworthy and Easy to Work With

When it comes down to it, your experience with a marketing agency needs to be positive and stress-free. There are enough quality legal marketing firms that you shouldn’t be settling for a company that will misrepresent their data, miss deadlines, or not be fun to work with. Marketing is inherently creative, and having a good vibe between your team and the advertising agency you work with can create some great content and campaigns. The goal in partnerships is to create long-lasting success, and having faith in the people you work with is one of the best ways to do this. We firmly believe that passionate and enthusiastic people are driving forces in all fields, but especially one as personality-laden as legal work.

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There are many more characteristics that can be difference-makers in quality legal marketing agencies, but we have found these big five to cover most of your bases. If a firm can create a data-led digital campaign while simultaneously connecting your brand to your clients, you have a winning agency. If they are of high-quality character as well, that’s a partnership you should stick with for a long time.

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At Law Tigers, we have made a name for ourselves as one of the top resources for motorcycle riders in the United States. We achieve marketing success by having a brand that is strongly tied to our niche so riders know who to turn to in their time of need. . We’ve also helped dozens of other law firms vault their business to new heights through our membership program.

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