Should Your Personal Injury Law Firm Target Facebook Ads With Your Email List?

You might be hesitant to advertise your law firm on a social media platform like Facebook. But if you consider the scale of daily active users, all the personal user data these platforms have access to, along with the advertising services they provide, you’ll be sorry not to take advantage of some of the simplest, yet most effective marketing tools to date.

Facebook’s cutting-edge advertising services combined with your law firm’s user contact list will make for a very promising start for an effective ad campaign focused on leads that actually count.

Why Should Law Firms Utilize Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the largest social media platform, boasting a monthly active user count of around 2.8 billion worldwide. It seems far less common to come across someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account than those who do. It’s likely that most – if not all – those in your law firm’s locally targeted demographic are also Facebook users who might be looking for your legal services.

If you currently provide consistent content through your firm’s Facebook page, then your Facebook ads will only fortify your overall campaign as a brand. You’re bound to have more success the more precisely you go about targeting and reaching your audience, and Facebook has all the data and tools you need to do it.

Email Lists and Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to utilize your already existing subscriber email list to more precisely target users on the platform, along with countless other data points for ad targeting. So long as your business collects these emails honestly and according to the law, this is a 100% legal advertising advantage that Facebook so kindly provides.

What You Need for Audience Targeting

Facebook enables you to generate a lookalike audience out of your source list of emails. All you need to do is upload your original list of emails, and then select the ‘create a lookalike audience’ option. Facebook will then match the profiles of users from your email list with those of who have profiles in their database, and will include them in your ad’s target audience.

You must already have at least 100 contacts in order to benefit from this feature, but it’s recommended you have between 1,000 to 50,000 for the best results.

Opt-in From Visitor

In order to grow your subscriber list out of your lookalike audience, you must target non-subscribers with ads displaying an opt-in CTA, getting them to subscribe to your newsletter, mailing list, etc.

A Facebook Business Manager Account

The most accurate way to measure the success of your Facebook ads campaign is by viewing its performance through your Facebook Ads Manager account. This allows you to view important metrics such as:

  • Impressions
  • Costs per click
  • Unique link clicks
  • Cost per conversion

Why Facebook Custom Audiences Work for Law Firms

Facebook has a lot of data on its users. Posts, photos, liked pages, profile details, every piece of info related to their accounts is compiled and can be used to your marketing advantage. The social media platform allows you to target your advertising demographics by:

  • Age, Gender, Language
  • Geographical Location: From their country, all the way down to their zip code, allowing more precise targeting for your local outreach.
  • Level of Education
  • Interests: Their likes and specific interests.
  • Behaviors: Purchase behaviors/intents, device usage, etc.
  • Connections: Those connected to your firm’s page, as well as friends of your followers.

Upsell or Remarket to Existing Customers

Not only can you more precisely advertise to your target customer demographic using Facebook ads, you can also retarget and execute follow-up ad campaigns using Facebook Pixel to either upsell or try to snag their opt-in again. 

It’s rare that a prospective client will seek out your services the first time they come across your ad. That’s why it matters to connect with them and make them aware of your services first.

Once they’ve made contact with your ad campaign, you can now focus further campaigns on these users to remain in the front of their minds until they decide they need you – a retargeting campaign focused more on awareness than it is conversion.

A campaign focused on conversion could be upselling users who did follow-through with past CTAs with current deals or discounts you’re offering.

How to Add Email Lists to Facebook Ads

Facebook makes adding your email lists easy, along with generating your customized audience from your lists.

  1. First, download your email list and save it as a CSV or TXT file.
  1. Add your customer list in the Audiences section of your ad; Go to Create Audience > Custom Audience > Customer list.
  1. Prepare your list by selecting identifiers to include, such as email, phone number, and address.
  1. Add the list you’ll use for your Custom Audience, as well as give it a name.
  1. Review your customer list and resolve any errors.
  1. You’ll then receive either a green checkmark – all identifiers were mapped correctly and are ready to be used for generating your lookalike audience – or a yellow exclamation point, which means your file needs some correction.
  1. Select “Upload and Create” to complete uploading your customer list. 
  1. For generating a lookalike audience, continue under the same “Audience” tab. This time, instead of creating a Custom Audience, simply Create Audience > Lookalike Audience. Choose the email list you just uploaded as your source, and choose the country or region, as well as the percentage of the population (1%-10%) you’re targeting.

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