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The Law Tigers developed a marketing program directed to motorcyclists two decades ago, creating an entirely unique approach to niche marketing and branding. The program has successfully generated thousands of motorcycle injury cases for our existing members.

If your firm is handling too many inconsequential cases, it’s time to start a niche practice with Law Tigers. The key is getting a significant market share of cases in your niche. In one of our established markets in Arizona, Law Tigers repeatedly generates and dominates their fair share of new cases and market share growth. Law Tigers is a first class marketing program that delivers new case acquisition and growth and the numbers speak for themselves:

Arizona 3 Year Case Analysis Arizona 3 Year Market Share

It’s extremely difficult to generate these cases unless you have years of experience like we do reaching motorcycle riders. We’ve figured out how to get motorcycle enthusiasts to utilize our members for legal services when they’ve been injured, and we have also convinced motorcycle shop staff to refer their customers to our member attorneys. You deserve to have these kinds of results when you start your own niche practice with Law Tigers in your state.

Find out how many high-value motorcycle cases we can deliver to you by scheduling a meeting with me to go over your Market Share and New Case Intake Analysis for your state!

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As the number of motorcycle accidents increases, so does the demand for qualified and knowledgeable motorcycle attorneys to represent motorcycle accident victims…and we have found the way to reach motorcyclists through consistent and targeted brand awareness.


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“Law Tigers is a great investment, the return is astronomical, it’s almost not even worth calculating!” – Matthew Roden, Law Tigers Member

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