Digital Marketing & SEO Program

Law Tigers dominates the online space for the motorcycle niche and helps build a database of riders to stay connected with our audience and brand.

Program Highlights:

  • Develop unique content for each market through a variety of digital channels including Google My Business, Google paid search, local service ads, organic content creation, email, website, and all major social networks.
  • Increase online engagement with the target audience.
  • Nurture existing lead database with email marketing.
  • Track and report on all marketing efforts.
  • Full Funnel Lead Generation:
    • Top of the Funnel: Represents riders that are part of the community but have not requested a Free Case Evaluation. Law Tigers will nurture this community to always be top of mind.
    • Middle of the Funnel: Represents riders that have taken an action such as requesting a Rider Benefit Card or sign up for a contest. This helps continue to build trust.
    • Bottom of the Funnel: Represents riders that have requested a Free Case Evaluation or other legal services/advice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • will serve as the brand website on which your law firm will be represented in your market
  • SEO tactics will achieve continued keyword ranking increases and website traffic


Paid Search

Generate quality motorcycle accident leads from Google paid search for users searching for keywords such as Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

Email Marketing

On a monthly basis, Law Tigers will nurture leads that did not necessarily request legal advice, help, or a case evaluation to always stay top of mind. On average, a person knows about 200 people in their circle so we must remain top of mind for possible referrals to their network.

Remarketing Advertising

Retarget existing website users with ads to re-engage those visitors at a lower rate and continue to have the Law Tigers brand and content front and center to the audience.

Social Media

  • National Page Strategy
    With over 100k likes on our social media pages, the local and national community is rider focused and will be leveraged.
  • Hyper-Local Location Strategy
    In conjunction with your Grassroots and Traditional efforts, Law Tigers will establish location pages for your market to help engage the local community.

Local SEO

  • Increase organic and local rankings in Google search and maps for your market and area
  • Location citation growth
  • Posting to your Google My Business location with relevant updates to users



Law Tigers is committed to helping convert as many leads as possible. As part of the program, we have the following to help ensure no lead is left behind:

  • 24/7 Call Center
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Real-time website form submissions
  • Custom lead routing software
  • Lead generation tracking and reporting