Why You Need Engaging Content for Your Law Firm Website

Engaging content has consistently been a pillar of successful marketing campaigns for centuries. While the shape and form of copy and content have evolved in the digital age of business, the need to convince your potential clients of your proficiency has never changed.

There is no one-size-fits all method for quality content as businesses differ in not only products and services, but also style, which prevents it from being a simple task for many inexperienced marketing teams. For every successful legal content writer, there are thousands publishing boring fluff that nobody cares to read – including their ideal client. 

Don’t let your business fall into the patterns of unsuccessful marketing campaigns – we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to rise above your competitors through high-quality content for your law firm’s website. 

It’s time to grow!

Why is Content King?

Content is king because the best pieces stand out in the minds of consumers. For example, the expression “content is king” was coined by Bill Gates in 1996 in an essay about the viability of making money via quality content on the internet. 

Go figure.

Applicable to the best law firm websites in operation, intriguing content is important from top to bottom of your entire funnel of prospective clients.Your social media posts and PPC ads need to be concise and well-written in order to hook users into clicking and landing on your web page. From there, your website and published blog content need to follow-through with content relevant to your PPC ad, while also having an air of authority and clearly placed contact info and forms, or else they likely won’t convert.

Content Specifically for Law Firms

The quality of your content is important for all platforms in which your firm has a presence. Often, the content we create earliest in our business journey tends to be pretty basic, rugged, and flat-out outdated. Web content, directory listings, and even descriptions of services offered need some updating over time, especially as you become a well-established law firm for your community.

Regarding dynamic digital content, focus on consistently publishing and updating some forms of the following media:

  • Website Content: Websites and landing pages are typically the face of most law firm’s online presence. While your website doesn’t have to change perpetually, the content on it must be iron-clad in its purpose and quality. Having it reflect changes in your services and host frequently updated or added content is one of the best ways to draw more in-bound traffic to your site.
  • Social Media: A decade ago, the prevailing sentiment on social media for law firms was lukewarm at best. Over time as social media platforms have advanced and demographics have changed, you can network more effectively with your ideal clientele via social media than many other platforms – even in the field of personal injury law. LinkedIn is specifically a platform where you can show authority and find referrals at a much higher rate than other available social mediums.
  • Blog Content: Another pillar of establishing authority in your firm’s online presence, blogs can do well to win your niche clients en masse. Whether you’re showcasing your expertise on related field topics, or work you’ve previously done for your local community ,  each blog should serve a well-defined purpose and engage your readers.
  • Visual Content: Another often-overlooked form of media in the legal field, imagery can be one of the most effective ways of distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Spending the time and resources for high-res pictures of your team, law firm, and related media on your site and blog will immediately vault you above boilerplate sites. Similarly, creating compelling videos for social media is an extremely valuable method of getting potential client click-through to your sites and landing pages.

One thing we often advise is taking risks on creating new content in different mediums than your competitors do. However, you need to have your bases covered with the pillars of content we listed here as well – it really is a full time job (or multiple) to stay ahead of your competitors in consistently creating quality content.

This is why we also recommend turning to professional marketing for legal firms – the cost of surefire content and conversion strategy will be repaid time and again with your most valuable leads. It can be overwhelming to wade through and attempt to stand out in such a flooded market alone..

Why do Law Firms need Engaging Content?

What does high quality content look like in the realm of legal services?. Each piece should be intentional and adapted to each platform, audience, and service you offer. Similarly, ask yourself if the content being published is achieving the following goals:

  • Establish authority on a subject in your field – often a niche legal market
  • Increase local brand awareness
  • Contribute to a community that contains business partnerships or potential clients
  • Generate leads, sales, or gives former clients a chance to review your law firm

If your firm or outsourced marketing teams are consistently putting together pieces that engage the entire range of your client funnel, it will allow you to focus on your team, products, and other forms of networking. Even difficult-to-quantify marketing avenues such as local networking events or in-person grassroots campaigns benefit from having engaging content as reference.

When it comes down to it, the benefit of investing resources into content creation is a no-brainer. Don’t let your competition pass you by due to a blind spot in your overall marketing strategy.

Get the Best Marketing for Legal Firms with Law Tigers

At Law Tigers, we’ve spent decades perfecting our craft in both law and legal marketing. We’ve worked to create a valuable niche as authorities in multiple fields, and would love to help your firm do the same.

If you are looking to take your law firm marketing to the next level, please reach out today. We’d love to work with your team to get you the types of clients you need.