Why You Need an Effective Landing Page for Facebook Ads

Social media platforms are well aware of their significance in advertising, and how much data and reach they have with your target demographic, offering their own ad services and features which are meant to foster easy conversion on their platform. 

Facebook is a great example of this, and it’s highly recommended that if you don’t already have a page created for your law firm on the platform, you should certainly consider it. Facebook knows how important landing pages are for businesses such as law firms who need as simple a process as possible for getting leads, especially on social media platforms which are busy with content. There’s too much advantage to using Facebook ads services to ignore any longer.

What is a Facebook Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page users land on when they click on an advertisement link. An effective landing page on a website will provide more information relating to the ad topic, but ultimately calls a visitor to an action, whether it’s joining a mailing list, downloading an eBook, etc.

A Facebook landing page is one that’s optimized for use on the social platform itself, allowing users to engage with your page and your call to action without ever leaving the app. It’s paramount to take advantage of a user while you have their attention, and Facebook provides great marketing advantage so that you won’t have to drag your user off the app and onto your website for a lead.

Why you need a landing page to generate quality Facebook ad leads

Facebook offers Lead ads, which allows you to collect prospective client information straight from a built-in form on your landing page. Even more conveniently, forms are pre-populated with their Facebook profile’s information, which they can modify and update wherever relevant. This is also a great tool for newer firms who may not have a website up and running yet.

How to Create a Landing Page for Facebook Ads

You not only need a landing page for an effective Facebook ads campaign, you need a strategically planned landing page itself for your clicks to pay off. Here are some very important elements of your Facebook landing page to consider to get the most out of your money and the attention you get from users on the platform.

Distinguish Target Audience

Facebook has a lot of data on its users. Posts, photos, liked pages, profile details, every piece of info related to their accounts is compiled and can be used to your marketing advantage. The social media platform allows you to target your advertising demographics by:

  • Age, Gender, Language
  • Geographical Location: From their country, all the way down to their zip code, allowing more precise targeting for your local outreach.
  • Level of Education
  • Interests: Their likes and specific interests.
  • Behaviors: Purchase behaviors/intents, device usage, etc.
  • Connections: Those connected to your firm’s page, as well as friends of your followers.


In as highly competitive a market as legal services, and as many other firms have their own Facebook ads campaigns as well, you need to hone in on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). If your experience and focus is particularly on motorcycle accidents and injuries cases, then be sure to emphasize this on your landing page when elaborating on your service.

Descriptive Headlines

The stronger your ad headlines are, the better conversion rate you’ll have with getting those clicks and getting users onto your landing page.

Though it isn’t the primary ad text (the text at the top of your Facebook ad), the headline appears directly next to your CTA. 

Consider the following when creating a Facebook ad headline:

  • Reinforce your brand’s message.
  • Highlight deals, discounts, etc.
  • Emphasize your USP.
  • Make it your CTA message itself.
  • Elaborate on your product or services.


Your landing page’s design shouldn’t be noisy and distracting. It should be simple and revolve around keeping the attention of your visitors on your CTA. In fact, your CTA should probably be the center of your entire landing page.

Imagery/ Graphics

Again, you want to keep your landing page simple and revolving around its central focus: your CTA. Any imagery or graphics should only reinforce your visitor’s desire for your services. 

When implementing imagery or graphics on your Facebook landing page, consider using images of people: this activates our empathy, and faces are what users typically see first in an image.


As noted before, Facebook offers Leads forms that can be added to your landing page, which are perfect for law firms who depend on collecting personal contact information from potential clients. It’s worth creating one, even if you have landing pages already on your firm’s website.

The forms are easy to complete, and fields will even autofill with the user’s personal information connected to their Facebook account, eliminating as many obstacles between you and a lead as possible.

Facebook Pixel

A free and excellent way to track your Facebook ads’ performance and conversion is Facebook Pixel. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money for your advertising, as well as the data you need to further optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook Pixel allows you to track 17 standard conversion events from your ads, including:

  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Completed registration
  • Add payment info
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Initiate checkout
  • Search
  • View content
  • Contact
  • Customize product
  • Donate
  • Find location
  • Schedule
  • Start trial
  • Submit application
  • Subscribe

If there’s a metric not included above which you’re interested in tracking, Pixel allows you to create a custom conversion event that you’ll then be able to track through your ad campaigns.

Without Facebook Pixel, you’ll only be able to track metrics like engagement, reach, and link clicks. So, it’s pretty obvious how much of an advantage it gives you. 

Need we remind you that it’s free?

Why Law Firms Should Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform, boasting a monthly active user count of around 2.8 billion worldwide. It’s likely that most of those in your law firm’s locally targeted demographic are also Facebook users who might be looking for your legal services.

If you already provide content through your firm’s social media page, then Facebook ads will only fortify your overall campaign as a brand. You’re bound to have more success the more precisely you go about targeting and reaching your audience, and Facebook has all the data you need to do it.

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