Why Personal Injury Lawyers Need to Invest in SEO

Working to generate more personal injury leads for attorneys isn’t always easy – it is a very competitive marketplace that requires efficiency and volume. In the digital age of marketing, this means that SEO for personal injury lawyers must be sharp and able to position your brand at the top of your region and niche.

In order to achieve this, it is crucial to cover the basics first; otherwise you will end up burning time and money trying advanced techniques that aren’t ready to be implemented. In this guide to law firm search engine optimization, we’ll show you why SEO is so important and how to build a strong foundation for success.

Why is SEO important for personal injury lawyers?

Personal injury leads for attorneys are extremely valuable if they convert well. Thus, generating the strongest leads from potential clients who have cases your firm can represent becomes a critical element of your overall growth strategy.

SEO becomes important because it is a way for your firm to rank for law firm keywords that attract these strong leads. If you picture a potential client and their behavior, it will likely lead to them clicking the best-looking result at the top of a Google search page. After all, this is what most of us do for any product or service we search for on the internet, so why would that change for a personal injury lawyer?

With that in mind, the best SEO for attorneys must be sharp, calculated, and worth the cost of the time and money your team (or the outsourced professionals you hire) put into it.

Organic Rankings vs. Other SEO Listings

Digital marketing for personal injury lawyers is not necessarily a one-stop-shop in terms of SEO. There are partitioned elements of search results that show your potential clients different items, and understanding how to leverage these is vital to generating the proper leads.

Organic rankings are generated by your website optimization, the content you publish, social media profiles, and more. You will be competing across almost all the keyword searches that your website contains on a global scale – but don’t worry, that is not an issue if you continue to develop your SEO suite.

Your local SEO rankings are also extremely important and should be a focus for any personal injury lawyer advertising agency. After all, your clients are most likely going to be seeking representation near them, and your SEO strategy should reflect that. Addressing the specific keyword strings for your state, region, and specific law niche will go a long way for strong leads.

Additionally, your paid SEO rankings are going to be as strong as the data and dollars behind them. If you can dial in your paid advertising to target the most likely demographics to book your services, it becomes a very powerful marketing tool. Luckily, the data-driven approach that modern SEO follows will guide you to success if you are consistent and pay attention to the numbers.

How to Rank Better at Personal Injury SEO

SEO isn’t magic or judged subjectively – it is all about competing algorithmically vs. other businesses in your space. Thus, you need to define what you want to achieve, and go about it methodically. We recommend working with an agency who can help you employ these methods as baselines for law firm advertising campaigns:

  • Publish Authoritative Content: Content is king for attracting people to your website, your social media, and ranking well in specific fields. Curating this content to reflect the keywords that your potential clients search for is a must. Additionally, you must publish consistently and in spaces that are recognized as viable landing spots for these search queries.
  • Update your Site and Content Regularly: Because internet marketing is extremely saturated at this point, SEO algorithms typically are looking for new and/or updated content to provide to users. This means if your site, blog, or social feeds are untouched and stale, they will not rank as highly.
  • Improve your Page Speed: This is an overlooked gem in multiple senses. To begin with, Google (or any other search engine) will recognize the page loading time of your site and impact your ranking accordingly. Just as important, the user experience on your site will be much better the faster the page loads – there are significant studies indicating that a slow site is one of the leading causes of abandonment.   
  • Optimize your Site for Mobile Devices: Well over 50 percent of user traffic for all searches is done on mobile devices now. If your site looks funny, won’t load properly, or isn’t coded appropriately to generate leads on mobile, it will adversely affect the user experience – and your rankings, in turn.

It is important to remember that SEO changes don’t take place overnight. Be consistent and patient while building up your SEO, and make sure your team is paying attention to algorithm changes and month-over-month search data.

Personal Injury SEO Checklist

There are dozens of best practices for SEO as your business progresses in its law firm keyword competency. However, while building a solid foundation, here are some key elements that your SEO team should focus on:

1.       Set up Google Analytics + SEO plugins on your site: Tracking your rankings and results is the only way to accurately react to trends.

2.       Set up a Google my Business Page: Using Google’s own social media platform specifically for business will help your organic and local SEO if it is tied in properly to your site.

3.       Create Quality Content Consistently: Using the right keywords, media forms, and publishing them in appropriate spaces is invaluable.

4.       Optimize your Pages for Mobile: This is a must for every single site, post, and piece of media you put out.

5.       Use Proper Links and Tags on your Site: Page descriptions are essential to Google’s algorithm recognizing searches. Your team should be well-acquainted with this practice – otherwise it’s time to consult professional marketing help for injury lawyers.

Partner with Law Tigers for Marketing Success

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