Why Personal Injury Law Firms Need an Effective Google My Business Strategy

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most useful intersections of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) for personal injury lawyers. The ability to provide extremely accurate local information to potential clients while achieving relevant Google search results can show immediate value when your GMB listing is calibrated correctly. Read on to learn more about why personal injury law firms need a GMB strategy and on-going management and how to get started.

How Google My Business Listings Help Law Firms

While working to produce quality leads for personal injury cases, your firm will typically experience the best results from local targeting. Google My Business is designed to help clients find you based on geography – and the better your listing is, the better their first impression will be.

Additionally, because GMB is part of the Google search algorithm (which is easily the most prevalent search engine in the world), it is a strong contributor to local organic rank increases for your website. Your GMB listing can significantly affect your local SEO rankings quickly, as there are likely many competitors who are neglecting their GMB listing entirely. There are also many competitors who might not have a great reputation which can also negatively impact their local presence.

Thus, by separating yourself from the pack with GMB in your practice area, you significantly heighten your chance of creating high-quality leads from your GMB profile.

Build Authority in Your Local Community

By creating a high-quality resource for your potential clients, it contributes to the overall brand authority of your law firm, as well. Your potential clients are looking for a business they can trust, so use this tool to highlight your expertise and how you help your clients.

If your GMB listing features great reviews, authoritative content, consistent posts, and accurate information, you will become a leader in your local community. Conversely, if a potential lead in need clicks on a dead link or there is old information on any of your listings, that will be a red flag and possibly a deterrent to them working with you.

When it comes down to it, your entire marketing funnel should be considered a net that is cast strategically. Strengthening your Google My Business listing for your law firm provides the local SEO coverage you need.

Optimize Your GMB Listing

Working with a local SEO agency can help you optimize and strengthen your GMB listing. Some items a personal injury lawyer should make sure to include are:

  1. Google Maps Link
  2. Satellite offices
  3. Hours of operation
  4. Client reviews
  5. FAQs about your practice and staff
  6. Photos of your practice/region/clients
  7. Links to related content you have created
  8. All pertinent contact information

By the time you have created and optimized your Google My Business listing, it will be apparent how powerful this platform is. In the process of showcasing your local law firm, you will be concurrently boosting your entire SEO suite and creating snippets of content that you can repurpose in other areas.

Ultimately, the decision to use GMB and actively manage it is a no-brainer. If your team is not doing this already, make sure they are – or look for professional marketing help to implement these tactics efficiently while you focus on your practice.

The Importance of Attracting Good Reviews

In the fast-paced digital business world of today, decisions are made quickly for who to get products or services from. Especially when it comes to skill-based services such as legal work, social proof (meaning review by real customers) is one of the strongest elements of persuasion for potential customers.

Thus, making sure you have an appropriate amount of high-ranking reviews on Google my Business is one of the best ways to legitimize your business in the eyes of people who have not encountered it. Conversely, few or nor reviews (or bad ones) can be a red flag for potential clients who value social proof highly.

Take your Marketing to the Next Level with Law Tigers

At Law Tigers, we have decades of experience in helping our partner law firms create breakthrough marketing campaigns. Our network of experts can help you set up Google My Business pages – or any other SEO-driven tools necessary to help your law firm generate the quality leads you need.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your legal marketing approach, reach out for a free consultation today. We’d love to help.