Why Do Personal Injury Law Firms Need Digital Marketing?

Even though law firms are not selling items from a digital store, or are not thought of as ‘trendy’ on social media, the need for digital marketing is still extremely significant in your firm’s marketing plan. To put it simply, if you do not have a dedicated team and sufficient budget, there’s a good chance your competitors will leave you behind.

Luckily, we’ve created a comprehensive list of reasons to create quality content, refine your use of marketing channels and build a strong brand. We’re betting that if you address some of these digital tactics, you’ll be bringing in high-quality leads to grow your business on a consistent basis. 

What Are The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyers? 

Digital marketing presents an issue for many businesses and marketers who try to fight the existent environment and refuse to adapt or just go through the motions. This is to say if you are not being conscious of best SEO practices, see social media as difficult, and don’t know how to aggregate data and create funnels from it, you are likely burning time and money with whatever efforts you are making.

This might sound complicated and dire, but it’s really not – it’s just a matter of knowing where to focus. Thus, make sure you’re starting out with these first steps and growing outward from here:

  1. Create content that is authoritative and can be repurposed: These are two separate topics within content creation, but they are tied together intrinsically. As you establish your niche as a legal firm, you want to help this out by putting out content that lets you demonstrate your expertise.

    At the same time, you should be dealing with many different forms of content publication, whether it is blogs, site content, social media, or videos. This is where taking the time to create valuable and in-depth material will shine; if you focus on the information being comprehensive and relevant, you will be able to transmute content like your blogs into social media posts, videos, etc. It will also give your marketing a much more cohesive voice if you can accomplish this well.
  2. Choose Social Media Platforms that Reach Your Target Audience: By this point in time, it should be a no-brainer to have a company Facebook page, Google my Business listing, LinkedIn company page and maybe even a baseline Instagram account. (Hint: if you don’t have these, make these immediately). If these are not professional looking and well-developed, it is commonly taken as a red flag from prospective customers these days.

However, past the basic accounts, there are a plethora of other social platforms and specific forums that can catapult views from your key demographic that ultimately lead to more clients. We recommend looking at Facebook Groups within your niche,  utilizing your personal LinkedIn profile (a great place for referrals and to establish your content authority), and even creating content within places like Reddit, Quora, or other community-led social settings.

  1. Create Consistent Targeted Ads: Legal leads, especially local and niche ones, are zero-sum by nature. This means that every time a top client is taken from your potential funnel by a competitor, the value of all the remaining leads goes down. Similarly, with such a significant lifetime profit margin on repeat clients and high-end cases, the reward of booking a client is typically far more than the cost of an ad spend. In spite of this, many law firms see the up-front cost of Google or Facebook ad campaigns and become alarmed and back off. Understanding that these campaigns (if produced well) can contribute to multiple leads per round is imperative; without them, you are fighting an uphill battle against your competitors who employ them.
  1. Become SEO Proficient: Another term that causes many business owners to throw up their hands, SEO is basically what dictates the positioning of how companies are viewed online. There is no point in getting upset over the concept of fighting it – this practice is here to stay.

    Thus, make sure your team has a comprehensive understanding of how Google’s algorithm ranks law firms in your area, and then study all the appropriate keywords. You need to create content that addresses the most popular strings for local clients and generic law firms, as well as creating dynamic ads for your specific niche.
  2. Prioritize Email Marketing: Creating an email marketing funnel and maintaining it can seem like a lot of effort, especially if you’re not sure how to gauge the return. However, with even the slightest commitment to segmented lists, retargeting, or repeat customer blasts, you will be engaging in one of the most effective forms of digital marketing available.

One of the best elements of email marketing campaigns is that they generally become more cost-effective as time goes on. The initial research and setup might involve your team or a marketing agency investing some time but as your email list grows and your targeting strategy improves, the returns can be tremendous for your law firm.

 6) Attract Positive Reviews: Reviews are a large part of a law firm’s online reputation. Without positive reinforcement from other customers, it will make a potential customer question your firm’s brand. They will often times go with a law firm that has good reviews and quick communication with potential customers. 

Why Do Law Firms Need Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing landscape changes constantly, and having a dynamic team who works to keep up with it is imperative. You are going to be well ahead of your competition if you master these five tips and commit to keeping an open mind and a reasonable budget for promoting your brand online.  We understand that most law firms were not created with the idea of having to master digital marketing as a concept, but being ahead of the curve has always been historically profitable in any industry, so we advise you to work to get there.

Law Firm Marketer

Ultimately, your law firm is only as good as its weakest link. If you had employees who are liabilities, you would not keep them on board. Similarly, if your digital marketing is not allowing you to compete for the best leads and clients, you should address the problem pragmatically rather than ignore it. Luckily, there are great tools, agencies, and resources to help you on your way to digital marketing mastery.

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