Where and How to Get More Personal Injury Leads

When trying to develop and scale your law firm, it can be difficult to understand how to get more personal injury leads. You’re already busy with existing case loads, managing infrastructure growth, and working within your traditional marketing. However, instead of giving up on getting more leads, it’s time to learn how to get them more efficiently.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the quintessential guide on how to create lead generation for lawyers. If you’re having difficulty getting personal injury leads, this could be the information you’ve been looking for to jumpstart your firm’s marketing. 

Best Lead/Conversion Practices

Quality leads are extremely valuable for injury accident attorneys. Given how law firms get paid, you need to be sure that your bandwidth is spent on potential clients who have viable cases. This makes lead management an absolutely mandatory tenet of your marketing team. Here’s how to beef up your lead/conversion practices in the present market:

  • Employ Virtual Response Tools

The worst thing that can happen is for a potential client to reach out and not be answered quickly. After all, in the digital age of marketing, they will simply find another law firm who will respond.

While you may not have the means to pay multiple receptionists or dedicated response employees 24/7, you can easily automate these services. Have a chat box on your website with automated instructions for a first contact. Similarly, there are virtual receptionists that can accomplish most of the initial tasks necessary for leads. Finally, make sure that you at least have notifications that get to a decision maker if you are still responding manually.

  • Respond to Every Lead as Quickly as Possible

This may be the most important part of conversion – studies have shown that the faster the response time, the more likely it is that you convert a lead. Especially in a competitive field such as personal injury leads, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Through your virtual assistant tools as well as your intake team, make sure that potential clients are not left hanging. |

  • Create Intake Forms That are Easy to Understand

This is a two-part tip: if you don’t have intake forms for your initial leads, do that immediately. This means having a pre-qualification method in order to screen out clients and get you connected with your best cases quickly. These online form fills should be easy for your potential clients to fill out, and easy for you to parse information out of. It’s a win/win that will sharpen your conversion rates significantly.

  • Be Persistent in Contacting Leads:

The goal of having a well-developed funnel is to generate personal injury leads while you sleep. Literally. However, this means that you will need a myriad of ways to answer, contact, and re-contact the qualified ones. Retargeting emails, database-driven reach outs, and phone calls are all tried and true methods to get legal leads.

  • Track Everything You Can Every Way You Can

Data is the name of the game in assessing your marketing funnel. If you track all of your potential leads, existing clients, and repeat customers in a CRM, you’ll be way ahead of the game. This is why having top-notch marketing professionals is so important – whether in-house or outsourced. The best in the game are working on data-driven campaigns, not just gut feeling.

If you can honestly assess your marketing and say that you have accomplished most of these five best practices, you are at a great point of strength. There is always work to be done in order to be the best in lead generation for your legal niche, though. If you aren’t up to speed on your marketing team’s best practices, we’re still here to help.

Lead Generation Ideas for Injury Lawyers

Once you have gotten the hang of your best practices for legal leads, you still need to work creatively to expand your marketing net. Consider some of the following ideas for generating personal injury leads:

  • Market Directly to Your Niche

Many law firms make the mistake of solely marketing to the broad field of legal representation. Even if you are advertising in that regard to a specific location, you will have far more competition than if you analyze the channels of your legal specialty. This means joining and utilizing social media groups, changing your messaging in targeted ads, and producing authoritative content about your legal expertise regarding the niche.

  • Incentivize Legal Brand Marketing Reviews

Reviews are as good as gold in an experience-based industry such as legal representation. Asking customers to take their time is not always effective – but you don’t need a huge percentage of your clients to leave a review in order to make a significant difference.

Network with Getting Referrals in Mind

In an industry as niche and demanding as motorcycle accident law for example, one of the ways to get personal injury leads is to network effectively. Talk with those close to your target audience. In the motorcycle accident industry, this could include motorcycle shops, medical providers, or first responders to explain the services you offer and how you can help riders. Basically, be your own best advocate in the business community, and you should see results.

Ultimately, you will need a marketing team that can create best practices, stay current and creative in lead generation tactics, and implement them based on data analysis. If you find a team who can achieve these things, your leads will scale as will your firm.

Improve Your Marketing Results with The Law Tigers

At The Law Tigers, we have decades of experience in sharpening our lead generation funnel. As a result, we’ve been able to break down our process and empower other legal firms to grow via our network of marketing professionals.If you are looking to take the next step in your firm’s professional development, please contact us today. We can show you firsthand how lead generation is the key to marketing success.