The Most Successful Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Marketing Techniques

Personal injury law cases are among the highest paying by percentage in the legal field. This makes motorcycle injury lawyer marketing for client acquisition an extremely important component of your firm’s outbound efforts.

In implementing this strategy, you should understand both the subtle and significant differences between motorcycle personal injury marketing and other areas of law. The more you can capitalize on a niche market, the more profit you will glean long term.

Read below for our favorite ways to reach your target audience most successfully for conversions.

Our Favorite Marketing Techniques for Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

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  • Identifying your cost per case: If you are able to come up with a finite number of how much each case can bring your firm, you will be able to reverse engineer your marketing extremely for profitably.
  • Track Leads: The next step in ensuring that your marketing-to-sales funnel is creating value is lead tracking with a flow into conversion metrics. Similarly, as you track the data from your leads, you will be able to see your customer behavior and track repeat clients. 

A common mistake is to assume that you know your niche segment well enough and won’t change your behavior with any of this data (and thus won’t spend the resources tabulating it). Even if you believe this to be true now, it is important to prep for any potential pivots in the segment or client behavior.

Law Tigers is one of the most well-respected motorcycle accident injury firms in the nation, and we remain that way through data diligence. Once you’ve found your niche, it is critical to protect your status as an industry leader there. 

  • Utilize Ad Extensions: Using Google ads or other paid services will allow you the opportunity to enrich your marketing via extensions. You can use manual or dynamic extensions, such as call extensions or sitelinks.

Call extensions allow you to make sure your clients can reach you at the proper number immediately from their first search. This provides strong user behavior that can lead to increased leads. 

Sitelinks work by taking a customer to a specific page on your site. For example, if you run a law firm but want to get people to the personal injury section, you would utilize site links to be most efficient in your ad spend.

  • Call-Only Campaigns: This is a very specific form of ad extension that tries to directly funnel consumers to get on the phone with your team. This is where your conversion data will be critical; knowing how your customers respond to certain forms of engagement can lead you to upping a spend for call-only campaigns vs other forms of marketing.
Call campaigns

Consider using call-only campaigns for niches where you have a strong geographical presence as well. This is a great way to bridge the gap between word of mouth or organic marketing by giving it a digital boost.

  • Increase Google and Other Review Site Presence

There are innumerable review sites, and some deal with specific industries more than others. The most consistent and unbiased platform for reviews is Google, and thus their reviews are going to weigh more for SEO purposes, especially in their algorithm.

Regardless of what platform you are aiming to get reviews on, it is important to monitor them, engage with your customers, and have your presence be felt as humanizing. Review sites can be great methods of gaining trust if you leave comments thanking customers for their business and time spent reviewing.

  • Develop Unique Ad Campaigns

In 2020, most keywords and ad spaces are competitive in any lucrative market. Attorney marketing for personal injury falls under this category, so a wise strategy is to separate yourself from your competitors creatively.

This means your graphic design, photos, and copy/content suites are of utmost importance. No customer wants to feel as though they are being led to a company that doesn’t take pride in its work. A consistent company look book for aesthetics and verbiage will help define who you are as a company and let your marketing thrive in its niche.

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  • Be Focused and Connected in your Marketing Plan

Even in this article alone, we have listed a wide range of effective techniques. There are easily dozens of others that could be recommended that we have not covered. Whatever strategies you implement, it is better to master a few than be mediocre at many.

Similarly, understanding your marketing plan from the top down will allow you clarity in choosing your methods. Having grassroots efforts, networking, and strong digital is a combination that is hard to beat, and you will have latitude to utilize many of the methods we listed within each of those areas. Law tigers has employed this long-term strategy in the motorcycle personal injury niche, and we recommend branding your firm as trusted specialists. 

Enhance Your Firm’s Marketing Strategies with Law Tigers

Motorcycle injury lawyer marketing is both art and science. It requires attention to detail, as well as working with past data and future indicators. This might sound daunting at first, which is why we recommend working with a qualified consultant.

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At Law Tigers, we have dozens of years of legal practice and just as much experience marketing our services. We have grown our niche exponentially, and have helped other law firms do the same. We believe the best marketing techniques are about proving trust, and we would like to earn yours.

If you are interested in starting the conversation about how to enhance your firm’s marketing strategies, please reach out today