Empowering a Growth Mindset in the Legal Industry

With the many changes that have occurred in the past year, it has forced us to be creative and innovative. These changes bring about a necessary mindset shift in order to grow your business within our current landscape. Embrace today’s challenges and be persistent in the face of uncertainties and setbacks.

The Growth Mindset Over the Fixed Mindset

I first encountered the concept of a “growth mindset” while trying to complete grad school, tackling a 60 hour work week as an executive-leader, and struggling to repeat as “Daddy of the Year” to my beautiful wife and kids. Not to mention this was all going on during 2007-2009 a financial crisis, also known as the “Great Recession”.

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I had two options, either to remain with a fixed mindset and give up, or adapt a growth mindset and view each challenge ahead as an opportunity to grow. A growth mindset is not a foreign concept to the legal community and this is why we must push the limits to innovate and become relentless about growing our businesses.

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Growth Rocks

West Texas, Southern Illinois, and Florida – Panhandle are all scheduled to launch this quarter and our Law Tigers’ members can’t wait to dominate their share of motorcycle cases in these new markets!

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Dave Thomas

David L. Thomas, MBA
SVP of Growth & Business Development | ΑΦΑ