Creating a Law Firm Social Media Campaign to Engage Your Audience

Part of a strong marketing presence for any company is digital, and building a law firm’s social media presence is a must for attracting quality clients.

There are a wide variety of social media platforms to engage a broader market as well as niche targets. Having a diverse set of written content, video collateral, and multi-channel campaigns will allow you to find your optimal funnel for leads, conversions, and recurring customers.

Finally, social media presents the quickest way to grow your brand awareness relative to the true ethos of your business. Exuding your team’s personality through a clear social voice will prove valuable over time and earn trust for your firm.

Benefits of Social Media for Law Firms

There are a myriad of ways you can create short and long-term value with a strong social media presence as a law firm. Read on to learn more about them.

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Establish Your Niche

This is a worthwhile element of any law firm marketing strategy — post in groups that relate to a very specific sector of law, such as personal injury or motorcycle safety. If you can become an authority on a topic within a small community, you will be able to charge a premium for your expertise.

Humanize Your Image

Often, lawyers and social media marketing for law firms get a bad reputation. There are long-standing stereotypes that you can easily break by having your social media present your team members, showing your involvement in a local community, and tying in your grassroots efforts with a digital campaign.

Strengthen Business to Business Networking

We often think of social media as someone scrolling through a feed on their phone and liking funny content. This is only a small portion of social media; the ability to connect with businesses through Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook for Business, and other forms of information exchange will be extremely valuable in solidifying relationships and referrals.

Create Quantifiable Metrics

While word of mouth, grassroots efforts, and outdoor advertising can all be key players in a law firm’s marketing suite, they do not have the same finite metrics as social media. You can run ad campaigns on social and see what your click rates, costs per click, and conversions are. Your followers give a guideline of your most consistent audience, and you can use them as reference points or controls for your content.

Define Your Brand

Ultimately, social media content is one of the marketing elements you can best curate to strengthen your image or pivot to a new one. You can control your content narrative, interact with customers to create a friendly tone, and drive traffic towards portions of your business that you want eyes on. Keep in mind that poor social media will impact your brand negatively, so don’t let your accounts sit idle!

Law Firm Marketing

Using Social Media to Market Your Law Firm

Now that we have established some top-down goals for social media, here are some strategies you can implement to achieve them:

Post in Facebook and Linkedin Groups

Often, niche groups such as motorcycle clubs or real estate brokers will have private groups on social media platforms. If your firm specializes in helping these groups (for motorcycle personal injury or real estate law in these examples), you can create an amazing funnel from having direct contact with your ideal clientele. It is important not to spam these groups and respect their rules, and to provide value to a discussion rather than just asking for business.

Stay Active on Your Platforms

As we mentioned in the prior section, a dormant social account is bad for your brand. Consumers are savvier and choosy about whom they give their hard-earned money to, and trust in a brand can diminish if there are out of date pages or information on social media.

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At the same time, you don’t want to have so many accounts so that your posts are watered-down and your efforts aren’t focused. The ability to repurpose content will go a long way; for example, you can have Instagram posts that easily double as Facebook updates, and stories that run across multiple platforms. Additionally, you can turn blog posts into LinkedIn content. There are many more examples, and this might be something that a third-party marketing consultant can help you with planning.

Regardless of the platforms you end up using, consistency and quality will make your content king.   

Create Short Term Value for Long-Term Advocates

This could be through discounts, giveaways, or free advice Q and A sessions, but creating goodwill is a proven method of using social media to create long-term clients. The more you can keep your actual costs down while creating perceived value, the better your giveaway will be. The most important thing to remember is that business is about solving problems, so if you can achieve that through social media, your firm will be viewed as valuable by prospective customers.

Be Intentional With Your Posts

Social media and user attention span are very competitive spaces. Given this, if you are posting boring or repetitive content, your target audience will not look to your accounts as valuable. Similarly, if your posts are sporadic or not aesthetically appealing, it will seem unprofessional. Keep a tight schedule, and make sure you put real thought into your content — don’t just post for the sake of it.

Achieve Marketing Growth with Law Tigers

In the digital business environment of 2020, there are massive gains to be had from a strong social media presence. Making the necessary tweaks to keep your accounts current and ahead of your competition can make all the difference on your balance sheet later.

Law Tigers Grassroot Marketing

If you are looking to make a change to your brand, Law Tigers specializes in helping motorcycle accident law firms achieve marketing growth. We can help you find your voice, define your niche, and create value for your firm immediately. Please reach out to start the conversation today – we’d love to help.