How Often Should You Post on Your Law Firm Blog?

How Often Should You Post on Your Law Firm Blog?

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Creating compelling and authoritative content is one of the best ways to attract quality clients to your legal firm. Law firm blog posts that engage users and essentially showcase how your team is qualified to defend them and potentially reach a settlement suitable for them will go a long way in driving hot leads  to your lead generation platforms time and again.

Thus, the goal should be to create blog content as often as possible without it getting stale and redundant. There is some great data identifying sweet spots for how often you should post for successful law firm blog frequency.

Why Does Your Firm Need a Legal Blog?

As the cliché goes, content is king.

A law firm blog is one of the best ways to establish authority in your niche, present your team’s services and accomplishments, and create content that resonates with your local community. After all, law firms are often looked at as impersonal or bland, and this is one of your best marketing opportunities to shake that notion.

We recommend thinking about what each blog is accomplishing and the platforms on which your content will be published.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this blog establishing authority in your field?
  • Will this blog increase brand awareness?
  • Does the blog relate to local business partnerships or resonate with potential clients?
  • Is the blog compelling enough to generate leads or positive reviews?

The answer can and should be ‘yes’ to each and every blog you publish.

How Often to Post Legal Blogs?

There is no prescriptive number to magically generate leads, conversions, and SEO dominance from a legal blog standpoint. In fact, making sure that you have quality posts before focusing on post volume is highly recommended. However, having a consistent posting presence is necessary for having healthy, growth-worthy engagement with prospective clients.

Our recommendation is to post 2-3 blogs per week depending on the size of your firm and the scope of your services. If you are part of a very small, extremely niche law office, you’re less likely to run into a problem of content redundancy anytime soon. However, the larger the scope of your legal firm,, the more topics you should address over multiple posts a week.

Establishing a robust SEO content strategy, keeping up with your website analytics, and paying close attention to how your content generates leads and conversions will help dictate a posting schedule fitting for your particular firm.

How to Start a Law Firm Blog

When starting a blog, the first thing you will have to do is determine the platforms it’ll be hosted on. This will typically be your law firm’s website, but make sure that your in-house or outsourced marketing team is aligned on the mechanics.

Once you have the behind-the-scenes technical element of hosting down, consider the process:

  • Research necessary blog topics via keyword research
  • Outline blogs and make sure the subject matter addresses your audience(s)
  • Create an authoritative voice and writer persona
  • Use sufficient links to internal site links and external sources
  • Create a first draft and have it checked by professional editors for errors and branding consistency
  • Publish the blog on the appropriate platforms for your law firm
  • Track the metrics of your blog for views, clicks, leads, and conversions (**Link to ST blog?)

There are going to be nuanced moments within each portion of the process. Your blog may function slightly differently than how you envisioned at first, and trial-and-error will certainly play an important role in your growth. Ultimately, we always recommend turning to professional content writers or marketing firms if you do not have enough in-house bandwidth to take on this intensive process.

Best Posting Practices for Legal Firm Blogs

In order to get the biggest bang for your buck out of each blog, we recommend that your blog-posting habits include the following practices:

1.   Create clear topics and titles

2.   Use appropriate keywords

3.   Write to your audience (2nd person) – especially your legal niche

4.   Link internally and externally

5.   Publish on multiple platforms that can be easily shared

6.   Post consistently

7.   Post 2-3 times a week at a minimum

We also recommend interacting with people who like and share your posts. Creating your own community via your website, social media platforms, or community groups is a great way to create additional engagement.

Law Tigers can Help you Generate Amazing Legal Content

If your law firm is looking to start a legal blog or improve the standards of your current one, Law Tigers can connect you with the right resources. We have decades of experience in building our brand via authoritative content, and are happy to pass our knowledge on to law firms who require marketing expertise.

Reach out to us today for a consultation about digital advertising and join our membership program to ultimately grow your brand.