Losing Cases? Build a High-Value Niche!

What if I told you that you could instantaneously enhance your client relationships, dominate your competitors, and grow your bottom line? It’s possible with high-value motorcycle niche cases.

Niche Marketing

By focusing your efforts on a targeted audience, your firm can achieve a higher marketing ROI, capture a dominant amount of market share, and become recognized as an industry specialist.

Create a niche market for your business by:

  • Defining a need or service that is highly underserved and not being addressed
  • Cultivating and maintaining relationships within this niche market
  • Utilizing Digital, Traditional, and Grassroots advertising to drive brand awareness, brand loyalty, and to create trust within your community

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By 2030 only 20% of Americans will own a personal car…safer cars on the road will mean fewer auto accident cases. However, motorcycles are still inherently dangerous for riders and even safety-conscious riders risk being struck by drivers. Get our guide, focus on motorcycle riders as a niche and build a profitable vertical in your practice.

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12 Law Practice Marketing Tips

Larry Bodine is a trusted legal marketing expert and a past consultant and friend to Law Tigers. In this article, he shares tips that are spot-on for adapting quickly and developing new ways to keep your clients engaged and drive new business.

  • Check-in on past clients
  • Turn your attorneys into visible experts online
  • Spend 4 hrs/week on business development
  • Beef up your website
  • Get more clients through blogging
  • Build good word of mouth
  • Out-market your competition
  • Market with millennials in mind
  • Make your website easily accessible to mobile users
  • Set up a video studio
  • Your attorney bio should not be a dead-end
  • Social media: focus on Facebook
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