6 Tips for Choosing the Best Law Firm Website Design

The importance of digital marketing for legal firms increases every year. With more and more users performing online searches via their mobile devices, having the best law firm website design is crucial to converting your ideal clientele. But what does the best law firm web design look like?

We’ve taken the time to break down some critical components to having a personal injury lawyer website that will create leads more often than your competitors. 

Why is Website Design Important for Law Firms?

Legal marketing hasn’t been known for its cutting edge practices over the years. However, the best law firm websites are creating significant positioning against their respective competitors in digital marketing. As this data becomes more readily available to the public and easier to utilize for creating a template, your marketing team will have to adjust their standards upwards to keep an edge on the competition.

If you are able to impress potential clients with a clean, dynamic, and logical website, it will contribute to a better conversion rate. High-value clients in a niche market such as personal injury law are zero-sum: if you miss out on the best cases, your competitors will get them. If you are able to attract and keep them, it will boost your bottom line and your reputation simultaneously.

It is an absolute necessity to have a great legal firm marketing design that impresses your consumers while outdoing your closest competitors.

6 Tips for the Best Law Firm Web Design

In order to optimize your website’s design, you need  strong technical, visual, and human elements to it. We recommend working on the following as a baseline for the best example of a legal website:

1.   Design and Optimize for Mobile: According to Google, 94% of people search for local information on their mobile phone. Additionally, over 50% of consumers are purchasing on mobile overall. Motorcycle accident representation is not exempt from this trend – the number of users searching and consulting on mobile goes up each year. Make sure your site is designed to capture these potential clients.

2.   Keep It Simple for Users: The goal of creating a powerful and aesthetically pleasing website is to convert new clients. If it confuses a potential client on their way to completing one of your online forms, you’ll not only miss out on this individual, but you’re likely losing out on a significant percentage of what would have been new customers simply because of your website’s layout. Make sure your form-fills and contact info are clearly visible and immediately accessible to web users.

3.   Write to Your Users: Let’s be clear – SEO is still a huge component that you can’t ignore in building a website. However, if it’s obvious you’re simply keyword-stuffing all of your web content,, then readers will be less likely to take you and your services seriously. Make sure that your titles, sub-headers, phrases, and body content all read accurately while still including important keywords your ideal client uses as they search for your services. Additionally, try to avoid bloated legal speech and keep your copy simple so that you appeal to an entire range of potential clients.

4.   Use Proper Images: An intuitive principle such as always having the highest quality images on your website can go wrong in a number of ways. To begin with, image size is one of the number-one drags on website speed. Additionally, poorly located images can mess up multi-platform design, obscure your forms, or mislead users. Make sure your pictures don’t inhibit your website and do their job telling your company’s story and why they should take your legal services seriously.

5.   Showcase Your Team and Specialization: Law practice is often seen as an impersonal field by many. Showing that you are indeed compassionate human beings is especially important for motorcycle injury law. Your ideal clients are going to be putting their financial and legal trust in your hands, so you need to show them that your team is worthy of it.

6.   Create Authoritative Content: Content still reigns supreme in terms of website quality, as well as the tools you use to attract potential users to it. From PPC ads (link to internal blog) to best current SEO practices, and especially blogs and social media content, you need to elevate your overall presence with all around good content to give to your website and profile visitors. Having your users understand the value of your brand vs. potential competitors will go a long way in increasing leads and even conversions.

Creating and sustaining the best law firm website design is more than throwing together a template design and some keywords. You need to be persistently analyzing your website, the surrounding competitive environment of the market within which your business is competing, and tracking and A/B’ing your results. From there, updating and adapting is imperative in an ever-changing marketing landscape, and the simplest route for the best results is often through outsourcing to a professional marketing firm.

Resources for the Best Legal Website Design

At Law Tigers, we have decades of experience growing our law firm using leading digital web design tactics. This has allowed us to create a suite of resources that can help you and your legal marketing team propel your firm to the next level. We pride ourselves on creating marketing success stories across the country.

If you are interested in elevating your legal firm’s website design for long-term success, please contact us for a consultation. We’d love to partner with you and your firm for continued growth in achieving digital marketing domination.