5 Personal Injury Marketing Ideas for Fall and Winter

Digital marketing is by far the most effective way for personal injury firms to attract quality leads. However, if your marketing strategy is inefficient or not targeting the right potential clients, you will be burning money in the process.

For personal injury attorneys, this means creating a legal marketing profile that connects with people who need representation and want to trust the brand they are connected with. In order to help you achieve this, we’ve come up with 5 personal injury attorney marketing ideas to help your conversion rates skyrocket this fall and winter.

Why You Need Personal Injury Attorney Marketing

Personal injury attorney firms are consistently looking to attract top-value clients in the most efficient way possible. As marketing campaigns have become more digitally focused, the competition for cases and lifetime value has increased significantly. However, this doesn’t mean you will be lost in a sea of similar marketing strategies – so long as you’re willing to embrace who you are as a firm and advertise this to your potential clients.

We recommend adopting strategies that help your search engine optimization rankings within your region, legal niche, and brand focus. Once you’ve established this, you can build out landing pages, review sites, and publish authoritative content to keep your marketing foot on the gas. This may sound a little daunting at first, but we’ve detailed some great starting points if you are newer to the digital marketing game.

How do you Market a Personal Injury firm?

Marketing for a personal injury attorney firm is all about education, authority, and being in the right place at the right time. Put simply, many potential clients don’t know that they need a personal injury lawyer until it is late in the game. Thus, the goal in your marketing and branding campaigns is to:

  • Let potential clients know what steps they need to take.
  • Show them your authority as an expert in the personal injury space.
  • Build your brand as one that is relatable, well-rounded, and one with a local presence.
  • Create a seamless funnel that makes it easy to generate leads and conversions.

There are many steps to this process – you’re going to need a high-quality website, social media platforms, email campaigns, and more. The process is ever-evolving, but with the right tools for your marketing team, you can stay ahead of the curve.

5 Ways to Market a Law Firm This Fall / Winter Season

Keeping your brand top of mind is important for attracting potential clients as well as maintaining the lifetime value of people who already know about your services. Stay ahead of the competition by using these five tips this season:

1.       Highlight the Client Experience Properly

In the digital age of business, potential clients are flooded with information the moment they search for a need. For example, many of the users looking for legal representation for motorcycle accidents, like we deal with at Law Tigers, will not know the process of a case or even be able to understand it in that brief moment when they find your brand. 

Make sure you can convey that your firm will create the best experience for them, alongside your value-driven services. The results of focusing on your authority and expertise will be overwhelmingly positive for both you and your customers.

2.       Create New Landing Pages for PPC Ads

When calibrated correctly, your paid ad campaigns are going to be lead and conversion machines for top-notch clients. Creating fresh content based on SEO-friendly practices and analysis of search trends will yield the best results. While this may be something you need to outsource or hire for, it’s well worth the investment.

3.       Audit and Update Social Media Platforms

A huge area of untapped potential for personal injury lawyer marketing is social media. Many firms (even successful established ones) only have a stale Facebook page and watered down secondary accounts. Don’t be that firm. Build value-driven content; utilize LinkedIn, Google My Business, and other review sites to your advantage. This is best achieved by consistently updating these pages and making sure you’re meeting client demand and expectations.

4.       Create Grassroots Campaigns

While digital marketing is a huge focus of the modern world, you should also mix in a grassroots campaign to keep your local presence on-brand. Tailor some of your content and social media to state laws, city-specific dynamics, and local testimonials. Similarly, you should be having representation at local events within your niche and/or legal network. And, of course, the power of word-of-mouth and referrals is still strong, especially as you build a digital brand alongside it.

5.       Make Sure Your Marketing Funnel is Fully Trackable

We often see law firms that have a multitude of landing pages, social media platforms, and email campaigns without properly tracking their results. While it’s likely these initiatives have some effect, it’s impossible to cut the fat and leverage your best results without knowing how each channel is performing. This means you have to be up to date with a full-funnel process, including proper tags and analysis. Once more, this may require you to outsource your efforts, but it will easily return massive dividends if you haven’t been following best practices in the past.

Legal marketing is all about consistency, brand awareness, and content marketing. If you can repeatedly address these elements in dynamic ways, you will continue to grow your advertising reach and client base.

Kick Start your Marketing with Law Tigers

At Law Tigers, we have spent decades building our network of trusted partners in legal marketing. This has enabled us to become leaders in strategy, referrals, and consulting. We’re confident that if you join our team, we can produce the same great results we have for many others.

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