5 Law Firm PPC Best Practices to Win More Clients

You’d like to grow your law firm, but want immediate results. Although SEO is effective for the long-term growth of your business, it takes some time to start seeing results. While you shouldn’t overlook the importance of optimizing your firm’s website and web content for the likes of Google and other search engines, Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to generate rapid lead traffic to your law firm in a shorter amount of time.

How Your Firm Can Attract More Leads With PPC Marketing

As a law firm, you are competing in a heavily saturated market, both online and locally. 

Basically, you aren’t the only firm reading this article.

But not all PPC campaigns are the same – there’s a science to an effective campaign which will get you a few steps ahead of those who are simply throwing down tons of money for online advertising with little-to-no strategy behind it. 

PPC Campaign

A PPC campaign is essentially keyword-based advertising where you only pay for every time a user clicks on any of your ads. Clicking your ad will take users to a webpage of your choosing, which will then ideally convert them into clients for your firm. 

There are many factors to consider when developing an ad for your PPC campaign, including:

  • What are you trying to tell users with your ad?
  • Is your message clear enough?
  • What webpage is your ad taking users to?
  • Does your webpage have a clear call to action?

Ad Groups/ Keywords

What makes PPC ad campaigns so effective at generating traffic for law firms is that ads target users in relation to their search interests, meaning you’re ideally only advertising to those already looking for a lawyer. It’s important that the keywords you choose to use in your campaign are very clear search terms that your particular clientele would search if they were indeed looking for a personal injury lawyer, a motorcycle accident lawyer, etc.


Google places PPC ads at the very top of a user’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page), above both local and organic search results. This is a prime spot for advertisement, especially if they’re already looking for you.

Monitor to Optimize and Refine

Another benefit of PPC campaigns is how easy it is to monitor results on a daily basis, allowing you to stop or modify your campaign in a moment if it isn’t performing well enough in garnering leads for your firm.

Best Practices for PPC for Lawyers

Obviously, you’re not the only law firm using PPC campaigns to funnel prospective clients. But not every client is looking for the same sort of lawyer, giving you an opportunity to stand out from the rest if you take advantage of the freedom you have in creating and executing your campaign.

Paying some extra attention to the different factors that go into your campaign, like your landing page and target audience, will go a long way in turning those clicks into clients.

Landing Pages

Essentially, this is the page you want users to land on when they click your ad link. Many businesses simply use their website’s homepage as the landing page, but the conversion rate isn’t nearly as effective. You need to create a specific, stand-alone landing page with a clear call to action directly related to the exact service you advertised in your ad in the first place. Home pages are sharing general information about the services you provide as a law firm, whereas a landing page should relay specific information about the particular service you’re advertising to your clicking users.

Target Audience

Know who will likely click on your ad, and focus your PPC campaign as narrowly as possible on them, limiting clicks from those who aren’t looking for a lawyer. This involves anticipating the exact match and phrase match keywords your audience will likely use while searching for your services. 

Time and Location Targeting

Narrowing time and place for your PPC campaign will do well in limiting as much of your click traffic to actual potential clients as possible. Schedule your ad during times you expect them to see it, and reduce your ad’s geographical focus to a very specific area.

You can limit further by specifying demographic details including age, income level, and marital status.

Conversion Tracking

Since you only pay when you get clicks on your PPC campaign ad, A/B testing is a perfect way to test and modify your campaign until it’s optimized to your satisfaction. Not getting the ROI you were hoping for? Try something different, track your results, and adapt as is necessary until you achieve your campaign goals.

Cost/ Ad Spend

Not only will defining a keyword-specific and demographically focused audience save you money in the long run, but you’re also free to determine how much you’ll spend on your PPC campaign as it fits your law firm’s budget. For instance, with Google Ads, you decide your overall budget, as well as set a daily average for how much you’d like to spend on your campaign.

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