5 Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2021

When it comes to law firm marketing strategies in the modern world, it is important to consider what will make your approach distinctive and appealing. Neither law firms nor marketing are new industries, but they each have components that your firm can leverage for brand awareness in 2021. 

Once you begin to develop a unique marketing plan, the returns will be exponential. A thorough approach will include guerilla marketing, grassroots efforts, and sharp digital targeting. 

The Top Law firm Marketing Strategies for 2021

These five strategies will help you get a better sense of how to create a full marketing portfolio for your law firm today.

1) Utilize Social Media

Digital marketing is undoubtedly the fastest growing and most dominant sector of advertising space in 2021. This doesn’t mean it should be your sole focus, but it warrants a good deal of your time and capital.

It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of how to use multiple channels for social media; this means being able to target potential clients through feed-based platforms such as Facebook or Instagram as well as through content creation on hubs like Linkedin or Youtube.

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Ultimately, the same principles apply to digital and social marketing that have made conventional approaches successful year after year. It is important to find your niche, be a reputable authority on the subject, and earn the trust of your customers through promises that can be delivered. 

Once you have created multiple viral channels, the returns will be exponential for you and your firm.

2) Implement a Content Marketing Plan

Content is king. 

This adage is more applicable than ever today as you compete for your target audience’s attention in multiple spaces. Consumers are more aware than ever about gimmicky marketing ploys, and content-mills that were effective in the early days of digital marketing are not seeing the same returns.

Content marketing plans should also include a thesis for non-digital collateral. Especially for law firms, targeted physical branding can be a great supplement to a strong digital campaign, and in certain communities is equally as effective.

Regardless of what platform, your media needs to be engaging and unique. Imagine working hard to find a niche market, but then blending in with the rest of the competitors there — it defeats the purpose!

With a comprehensive content marketing plan, you should be able to schedule out what you are producing, where it is going, and testing your results — whether it be email marketing, boosting your Facebook page engagement, or creating top-tier blog posts. The more you commit to this approach, the more success you will find.

Law Firm Marketing

3) Analyze Data

Regardless of what blended-channel marketing strategy you implement, data analysis is going to be the backbone of the best changes you make. Without properly gauging user response, A/B testing for copy and content, and ROI, you are going to be guessing about how effective your marketing really is.

This isn’t to say you can’t run a great marketing campaign by feel or instinct — many companies have succeeded in spite of advanced metrics. However, as the world of content becomes smaller and more competitive due to the internet, you need to have every edge you can get.

Person analyzing data

One thing we emphasize is having multiple people analyze your data — there can be implicit bias if its analysis is done solely by the person producing the marketing campaign itself. Often, this might mean using a third party marketing firm or consultant to audit your work. In our experience, this is an extremely worthwhile relationship to curate.

4) Optimize Your Website

Baked into the mix of digital advertising, quality content, user-friendly websites, and data analysis is SEO, or search engine optimization. This is the practice of making sure your website appears as highly ranked as possible when consumers search for terms related to your business. The importance of this is paramount, as digital user behavior continues to evolve and attract leads that are trackable.

In order to rank highly, it is important to research which strings are being searched most often for your field, and how to create proper pages and content to get the most targeted views. This includes having unique content on every page, getting backlinks and reciprocal links established and updating content according to the most current SEO standards.

This may sound like a lot (and it is!), but it is a concept that becomes both manageable and extremely flexible the more you get comfortable with your niche. Having someone in-house or consulting for optimization is a no-brainer in 2021.

5) Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

Building off of the site optimization portion, it is critical to understand how people are viewing your marketing in 2021. Phone use now comprises over 50 percent of all browsing, shopping, and B2B inquiries. This means it is the primary way users are making it to your site, so having a poor mobile layout can be a conversion killer!

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In order to be most mobile-friendly, make sure that your call-to-action buttons are visible early, and that your pages load quickly. As we have alluded to before, the attention span of a typical user is fleeting, and you have to capture their imagination and tell your story as efficiently as possible.

One final consideration for best mobile-friendly practices is the multitude of different phones and software available on them. The variety is going to make it an arduous task to test all of them consistently, but having a good idea of the most popular phones and browsers is necessary. An in-house team or specialist should certainly be researching this often to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Market for Success with Law Tigers

In 2021, having a blended multi-channel marketing strategy is critical to success. The basic tenets of making your product appealing and your brand trustworthy are more important than ever, which heightens the need to rise above your competition. 

Law Tigers is one of the leading firms in niche development and can help your team succeed in implementing modern marketing strategies. Not only are we experts in our specific legal field, but we have made it our goal to help other law firms find their open road. 

If you are interested in learning more about how we can partner for success, please reach out today.