5 Key Factors to Successful Personal Injury Marketing

When it comes to acquiring clients for personal injury law cases, it is important to have a well-defined marketing plan. Similarly, your firm should have a system of goals and analytics to make sure your efforts are streamlined and keeping up with the competitive marketing arena of 2020.

Consider These 5 Factors of Motorcycle Personal Injury Marketing Success

Given this, we’ve compiled a list of five key factors that every law firm marketing campaign needs to thrive. Read on to learn how you can create a valuable funnel for client acquisition and retention.

1) Know the Marketing Niche of Personal Injury Law Cases

This concept applies to how your firm portrays itself in your community as well as any digital efforts to get personal injury cases. Regardless of the overall case scope of your personal injury attorneys and associates, it is vital to market your firm’s specific expertise in personal injury law to get the best potential clients. 

This is because in the cutthroat world of digital marketing in 2020, consumer behavior will favor specialists who target their niche. Your firm can have multiple fields of expertise, but try to narrow your scope to the point where you can demonstrate authority on a topic.

Law Tigers has succeeded by being one of the top firms in representing motorcycle accident injury cases. By working in this specific practice area for a long period of time, we have been able to position ourselves as leaders and authorities. This translates to more powerful content marketing, and we recommend aiming for a similar role.

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2) Translate your Marketing into Lead Generation

Many law firms have scattered marketing funnels that may be effective or not, but there is no data to back results up. In order to best understand what to continue doing and what to change, we recommend the following:

  • Track how your customers hear about you
  • Monitor your social media content metrics closely
  • Be diligent about A/B testing for all digital collateral
  • Pay attention to CPC, even if your paid ads are profitable; you can always be more efficient.
  • Create multiple methods of contact and re-targeting for already existing clientele.

Once you have already earned a customer’s trust, they will bring you more business and be advocates; this is why conversion efficiency is so important.

3) Create a Full Billing Structure for Your Firm 

Personal injury lawyers make the majority of their money by winning cases or settling out of court. There are often contingency fees associated with winning, and in the event of a negative result, fees and waivers are often waived.

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While this is standard and a practice we recommend, this is also where it helps to have a strong niche and repeat customers. This can especially be lucrative if you are working with large organizations on retainer rather than individuals, and your research and associate time can be billed hourly.

4) Charge Rates that are Appropriate for your Firm

One way in which many personal injury firms hamper their profits is by not charging enough for their services. Law Tigers has created an authoritative presence in the motorcycle accident injury field, and as a result we are positioned as industry leaders. Due to this, we are able to charge a proper premium, and our clients are happy to pay for the good service.

This is especially important because personal injury law in and of itself is not highly lucrative relative to some higher-profile fields. Many firms and attorneys are in personal injury because they care about the ethics of these cases. We can speak from long-term personal and professional experience. 

If you create a full-service and specialized firm, you will be able to do well in personal injury law. The type of clientele you want to appeal to will understand that they are paying for results and integrity within a personal injury firm. So long as you are fair and consistent in your rate increases, this is a no-brainer long-term.

5) Market a Full-Service Personal Injury Firm

This is not the opposite of finding a niche; in fact, it is an accessory to it. While a focus on several key aspects of personal injury law will get you a strong client base, you do not want to exclude requests from anyone. Part of the goodwill a firm can earn is the willingness to explore all options within their expertise, and also be able to refer certain cases to trusted partners.

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Studies have shown that clients feel more comfortable when your associates show a willingness to defer a case to another firm. Similarly, you can create a vast network of referring partners from different law offices who will recommend you for your niches. In this sense, sharing the wealth short-term can create massive long-term returns. 

Maximize Client Acquisition with Law Tigers

Motorcycle personal injury law is a complex practice that requires efficient marketing to sustain growth. This doesn’t mean that legal marketing itself has to be a source of stress and confusion. At Law Tigers, we have found decades of success by positioning ourselves as the industry leaders in motorcycle accident injury representation. 

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This knowledge of niche law has allowed us to be valuable marketing consultants to other motorcycle accident law firms. If you are interested in learning how to maximize your team’s efforts for client acquisition and retention, please reach out today; it is a conversation well worth having.