3 Marketing Strategies Proven to Grow Your Legal Practice

The key to any successful business is a solid strategy. By utilizing experience and effective marketing to target and service a niche, a business can be more successful without spending time on unnecessary tasks. As the saying goes, time is money. Wouldn’t you like more of both?

Motorcycle personal injury law cases are among the highest paying by percentage in the legal field. This makes motorcycle injury lawyer marketing for client acquisition an extremely important component of your firm’s outbound efforts.

Law Tigers’ BIG 3 Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing:

  • Typically what comes to mind when advertising is mentioned
  • Includes billboards, newspapers, television, and radio
  • Your targeted demographic, ratings, and other factors must be understood
  • Establishing solid relationships between networks and vendors is also key

The Law Tigers’ Strategy: By employing these traditional media strategies, Law Tigers effectively engages motorcycle enthusiasts through branded billboards, television, and radio commercials that are strategically placed to reach our target demographic.

Digital marketing

  • Utilizing technology to gain new business online and track results in real-time
  • People are now using the internet more than ever before
  • With the existence of online reviews, a presence is imperative
Responsive Website

The Law Tigers’ Strategy: The Law Tigers effectively reach their audience online through real-time marketing mix optimization, allocating spend to the most efficient channels and campaigns. This enables Law Tigers’ licensees to obtain signed cases at an optimal cost per lead, based on projected ROI.

Grassroots marketing

  • The most personal of the three
  • Efforts are focused towards a small group of people (motorcycle riders)
  • This small group will increase word of mouth referrals to a larger audience
  • Most effective when you target those who are engaged within your industry
  • Face-to-face relationships created can become loyal advocates of your brand

The Law Tigers’ Strategy: Law Tigers effectively utilizes grassroots marketing by sponsoring, hosting, and attending various national, regional, and local motorcycle events. At these events, the Law Tigers marketing managers are out and about, conversing with motorcycle riders and building genuine relationships.

Growth Rocks

West Texas, Southern Illinois, and Florida – Panhandle are all new markets for 2022 and our Law Tigers’ members can’t wait to dominate their share of motorcycle cases in these new markets!

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The Law Tigers Experience: Tom Metier

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