10 Personal Injury Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now

Digital marketing for personal injury lawyers has never been better. The marketing tools, advertising services, and SEO strategies available at your fingertips make for simple and affordable methods to reach those who want your services.

And don’t put all your eggs in one basket either! 

Using multiple marketing tactics simultaneously will only fortify your law firm’s online presence and reach, giving you not only a broader net to cast, but a higher rate of conversion as you narrow in on those actually within your target demographic.

10 Personal Injury Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now

Here are 10 ways you can take your firm to the next level in your overall online marketing strategy:

Run an SEO Campaign

SEO for your law firm’s website and online profiles is of utmost importance if you want to effectively reach your target audience through organic searches via search engines like Google.

When someone searches for ‘personal injury lawyer,’ Google ranks results by 3 important ranking factors: Relevance, Distance, and Prominence. 

  • Relevance: A robust SEO campaign for your law firm involves updating your business profiles and web content with complete and detailed descriptions using relevant keywords specific to your legal services.
  • Distance: The location of a user’s IP address (on desktop computers) or mobile phone geolocation and their distance to your business address also affects how your law firm ranks in their search results. There likely are plenty of attorneys closer to a user than you are anytime they search for an attorney, which is why it’s key to have both an up-to-date business address as well as specific descriptions and keywords in your online profiles so your law firm stands out and ranks higher than the rest.
  • Prominence: Your law firm’s website is also ranked by the information about your business which Google gathers from links, articles, and directories. Positive Google reviews will likely increase your rank among organic user searches for personal injury lawyers.

Build and Optimize Landing Pages

This is the page you want users to see when they click on any of your advertisements. Many businesses simply use their website’s homepage as the landing page, but the conversion rate isn’t nearly as effective. You need to create a specific, stand-alone landing page with a clear call to action directly related to the exact service you advertised in your ad in the first place. Home pages are sharing general information about the services you provide as a law firm, whereas a landing page should relay specific information about the particular service you’re advertising to your clicking users.

Increase Presence in Legal Directories

By setting up a profile in a legal directory, you are strengthening your prominence metric with Google as it adds a backlink to your website, as well as more frequently shows your information in organic search results.

This is an easy win for your law firm’s overall SEO.

Add Live Chat to Your Website

Streamline communication with potential clients at first sight when they visit your website with a live chat app. AI-powered chat apps especially allow you to gather more information 24/7 from interested visitors so that no moment is wasted. These are great in converting your visitors into hot leads. Some of the best apps for lawyers include:

  • Acquire
  • ApexChat
  • Client Chat Live
  • Legal Chat 24/7
  • LiveChat
  • Ngage Live Chat
  • Pure Chat
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Zoho SalesIQ

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform, boasting a monthly active user count of around 2.8 billion worldwide. It seems far less common to come across someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account than those who do. It’s likely that most – if not all – those in your law firm’s locally targeted demographic are also Facebook users who might be looking for your legal services.

If you currently provide consistent content through your firm’s Facebook page, then your Facebook ads will only fortify your overall campaign as a brand. You’re bound to have more success the more precisely you go about targeting and reaching your audience, and Facebook has all the data and tools you need to do it.

Facebook allows you to utilize your already existing subscriber email list to more precisely target users on the platform, along with countless other data points for ad targeting. So long as your business collects these emails honestly and according to the law, this is a 100% legal advertising advantage that Facebook so kindly provides.

Google My Business (GMB)

In order for Google to share your law firm at the top of the SERP (search engine results page), you must create and complete a Google My Business page for it. 

To set yourself up for a higher GMB listing, make sure to include:

  • a lengthy, keyword-rich description of your practice and the services you provide
  • at least 50+ images and videos
  • the most specific category for your law firm. For example, instead of categorizing simply as an “attorney,” categorize as a “personal injury attorney”
  • your local phone number
  • a link to your website
  • your complete address (exactly formatted the same as it is on your website)
  • accurate and updated info

PPC Campaign

A PPC campaign is essentially keyword-based advertising where you only pay for every time a user clicks on any of your ads. Clicking your ad will take users to a webpage of your choosing, which will then ideally convert them into clients for your firm. 

There are many factors to consider when developing an ad for your PPC campaign, including:

  • What are you trying to tell users with your ad?
  • Is your message clear enough?
  • What webpage is your ad taking users to?
  • Does your webpage have a clear call to action?

What makes PPC ad campaigns so effective at generating traffic for law firms is that ads target users in relation to their search interests, meaning you’re ideally only advertising to those already looking for a lawyer. It’s important that the keywords you choose to use in your campaign are very clear search terms that your particular clientele would search if they were indeed looking for a personal injury lawyer, a motorcycle accident lawyer, etc.

Set Up Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns are super important for client leads, but you have to walk the fine line of staying in a user’s memory without bothering them.

Any emails sent in your campaign should be spaced out reasonably, as well as always provide quality information – or bust.

A good measure to go by are holiday emails, monthly newsletters, and even birthday wishes.

Configure CRM Solution

Using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a great way to manage and assess your email campaigns. It compiles your law firm’s contact info from current clients and leads, making it more difficult to lose a client simply for lack of contact. 

More features of a CRM include:

  • Seeing who opens your emails, and when they do
  • Keeping track of how long it’s been since you’ve contact particular clients or leads
  • Knowing who engages with your emails’ CTAs

Reviews/ Reputation

Positive reviews and feedback from clients and peers will surely boost your Google ranking. Do your best to gather customer feedback on any review platforms your business located as they’ll go a long way in improving your local SEO. 

Having positive feedback on your Google My Business page is probably the single most effective way to increase your rank in local searches for services related to your practice.

Another review app called Avvo gets their business listings ranked pretty well, and it’s a good place for giving and receiving peer endorsements.

How Law Tigers Solves Law Firms’ Digital Marketing Pain Points

Our dominance over the online marketplace for motorcycle accident and injury lawyers proves the success of our digital marketing and SEO methods.

If you partner with Law Tigers today, your benefits include:

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  • Increasing online engagement with your practice’s target audience.
  • Nurturing your existing lead database with email marketing.
  • Persistent tracking and reporting on all marketing efforts.

Let Us Do the Marketing for You

We at Law Tigers have more than 30 years of legal service and marketing experience under our belt, and a successful legal team that has garnered more than 800 million dollars in settlements for motorcycle accident and injury victims across the nation.

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